Florida Educational Leadership Exam

If you want to advance your career to become a school administrator in the state of Florida then the answer is “yes”.  The Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE) was established as a standardized test designed to make sure candidates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective school administrator.  Make no […]

FELE exam study guide

The one part of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam that most people agree causes much anxiety is the written / essay portion of the test.  If you are uneasy about the written performance assessment, you are not alone.  When it comes to FELE writing examples, we’ve got you covered! FELE Exam Study Guide – Module […]

fele practice test

This month, we would like to give you a detailed look at some of the FELE study materials we offer such as our FELE exam study guide modules which include a FELE practice test.  We also offer materials that incorporate FELE writing examples to help you excel in the written performance assessment.  Let’s take a […]

FELE Seminars

We will be taking time over the next few months to highlight the different resources we offer to help you prepare for the Florida Education Leadership Exam.  This month, our feature service is FELE seminars. Our FELE seminars, a.k.a. FELE workshops, offer a collaborative approach to preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Let’s look […]

FELE test

Some of our new clients are students who did not pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam the first time around. Many of these students admit that they did not properly prepare for the FELE test and therefore did not exactly know what to expect. If you are planning to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam […]


If one of your New Year’s goals is to pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam – also known as the FELE – then you are not alone.  “How to pass the FELE exam” is a question on the minds of hundreds of educators who plan to take their careers to the next level in 2019. […]

how to pass the fele exam

Are you or someone you know planning to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam sometime in 2019?  If so, consider giving the gift of FELE Prep.  We specialize in providing high quality resources and information on how to pass the FELE exam.  FELE Prep’s founder, Dr. Lynette Fields, is an educator herself and has developed […]

FELE exam study guide

Most everyone experiences test anxiety at some point in their lives.  Individuals taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam are no exception.  In fact, changes to the Florida Educational Leadership Exam have actually caused much test anxiety statewide.  FELE Prep understands this and has developed a list of strategies you can consider to help ease test […]