FELE Test Seminars

Virtual Subtest Specific Seminar

FELE Prep’s virtual subtest specific seminar is 2 ½ hours for each subtest, typically with one subtest review being offered on rotating Saturdays.  Our FELE seminar is very thorough and well organized, as Dr. Fields reviews all the content for the particular subtest of the FELE, provides instruction and resources for complex concepts, and offers additional practice items with feedback.

The typical size of the seminar group is 5-8 participants. An electronic copy of the relevant FELE Prep module (i.e. FELE Subtest 1 Study Guide, FELE Subtest 2 Study Guide, FELE Subtest 3 Study Guide) is provided prior to the seminar.


  1. Register in the month prior for the date/subtest that you need.
  2. Fields will email you the appropriate module. It is recommended that you print the materials prior to the date of the seminar and work from a hard copy.
  3. Fields will email you a confirmation letter with seminar specifics.
  4. Using the information in the confirmation letter from Dr. Fields, set up a Skype account. Skype allows video conferencing for free on the internet. You can Skype on your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, iPad, etc.
  5. Send Dr. Fields a Skype contact request using the information from the confirmation letter. Fields will then send you a link for your seminar date/time.
  6. Try Skyping with a family member or friend who has a Skype account prior to the seminar.
  7. Be ready and available with printed materials from FELE Prep on the day and time of seminar.


August 14, 2021:  Subtest 3 – Written Performance Assessment only

September 11, 2021:  Subtest 3 – Multiple Choice only

October 9, 2021:  Subtest 1

November 13, 2021:  Subtest 2

December 11, 2021:  Subtest 3 – Written Performance Assessment

If you need to cancel for any reason, please e-mail Dr. Fields seven or more days prior to the date of the seminar for a refund minus a $25 administrative fee. There are no refunds six or less days before the seminar.