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Florida Educational Leadership Examination Overview

The Florida Department of Education has revised the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) to meet the Florida Principal Leadership Standards and Florida Educator Accomplished Practices. The third and latest edition of the FELE was implemented January 2014 and has three subtests:

  • FELE Subtest 1:  Leadership for Student Learning
  • FELE Subtest 2:  Organizational Development
  • FELE Subtest 3:  Systems Leadership

The FELE is now only available through computer-based testing. You must register for an appointment to take the FELE.

You will need to pass all three subtests.  If you don’t pass one of the subtests, you only have to retake that subtest of the FELE instead of the entire test.


Scores are generally mailed within 30 days from the day of the exam and approximately 15 days after the test date for a supplemental administration.

Your online scores are typically available a week before the actual score is mailed to you.

Unofficial results are available at the conclusion of each test. See Score Reports for Computer-Based Tests at www.cefe.usf.edu/ComputerBased/Info.aspx


You may register for the FELE via Internet or U.S. Mail. Once you have completed the request form on the website, a bulletin and application will be mailed to you in approximately seven days.  Then you must complete the application and mail it in with payment.  Deadlines are adhered to strictly.  The fees for taking the FELE are $215 for the first attempt and $225 for retakes. There is no late fee.