We have helped thousands of individuals prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE).  Here are what some of our clients have to say:

“I highly recommend the services of FELE Prep and Dr. Lynette Fields for anyone seeking personalized and effective preparation for the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE). Dr. Fields worked one-on-one with me, providing invaluable guidance and feedback tailored to my individual needs. Her expertise in the content areas of the FELE exam was evident, and her ability to break down complex concepts made the preparation process significantly more manageable. What truly set Dr. Fields apart was her understanding of the nuances in public school lingo, which proved crucial for someone like me, transitioning from a private school setting. Without her dedicated support, I believe it would have taken me much longer to navigate and pass the FELE. Her commitment to ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material, coupled with her personalized approach, makes FELE Prep and Dr. Lynette Fields an excellent choice for anyone looking to excel in the FELE examination.”

“After 4 unsuccessful attempts to pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam Subtest 2: Organizational Development section I felt defeated. I even purchased the monthly subscription to 240 Tutoring to no avail. However, I refused to give up and found FELE-Prep and Dr. Lynette Fields. I immediately purchased the module and scheduled a tutoring session with Dr. Fields. We originally scheduled the tutoring session for February 5, 2024, but we rescheduled the session for February 12, 2024. She took her time and went over the information to help me be successful. She also gave me some testing advice. Dr. Fields was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. After studying the material and feeling confident I scheduled the Florida Educational Leadership Exam Subtest 2: Organizational Development test for Thursday, February 29, 2024. I followed Dr. Fields advice and passed the exam. I have one regret and that is not finding Dr. Fields earlier. If you are struggling to pass your exam, I recommend FELE-Prep and Dr. Lynette Fields.”

“I’m not sure if you remember me or not. I called you last year seeking your help. You advised me to take the test and see how I did initially. I passed all subtests except for Subtest 1. I purchased your Subtest 1 packet, and it was more than beneficial. I retook the test and passed! I just got hired last week as vice principal of an elementary school. Thank you so much for your resources! It truly helped me. I recommended your company to my friend last night.”

“I mentioned that I did not pass the writing section the first time around. It wasn’t until I needed to take it again that I purchased your FELE Prep writing study materials. I regretted not knowing about it sooner because it would have helped! I felt way more prepared the 2nd time around and basically only used your product to study, and I passed!”

“Dr. Fields gave meaningful and impactful feedback on multiple essays to greatly prepare me for the writing performance assessment. I highly recommend her one-on-one sessions.”

“I am a doctoral graduate of Capella University. I decided to complete my FELE to earn my certification in Ed Leadership. Someone recommended Dr. Fields as a test prep coach. Dr. Fields effectively walked me through each section of the test. She was always optimistic in my ability to pass the exam. She coached me through the entire process and I am grateful. Dr. Fields played an essential role in my passing the FELE.”

“Thank you very much for the tutoring session. I passed the FELE subtest one. I have now passed all sections of the FELE. Before registering for your tutoring session I had taken the FELE subtest one three times and I was starting to get frustrated and wanted to give up, However I decided to try one more time and take your tutoring course. It worked!! and I passed. Thank you again. ”

“Good morning Dr. Fields!! Words cannot express how much you have impacted me personally and professionally. Yes Dr. Fields, you’ve guessed it, I have successfully passed all substest of the FELE certification exam.  Again, thank you for being a true champion in assisting educators in catapulting their professional careers for years to come. I am truly grateful!”

I found out last week that I passed the essay section!!!! 😊 I was over the moon!
I want to thank you so much for your tutoring and time. I went in there confidently and much more relaxed this time as I felt prepared for the essay section. THANK YOU!!!!

“I am pleased to inform you that I passed all four subtests on the first try! Not only do I give credit to your resources, but without even paying for your tutoring services you were willing to provide me with written feedback on the writing prompts that you had included within your resources. This allowed me to go into the tests with confidence!  I am forever grateful for your resources and services. ”

“Dr. Fields helped me tremendously. I highly recommend attaining the self-study guides and attending seminar sessions. I attended the FELE Section two seminar and passed the first attempt. I studied independently for the FELE written test and failed twice. After hiring Dr. Fields for a one-hour hour session I successfully passed the FELE written exam. She is extremely knowledgeable and down to earth, making me feel at ease. I now have my FELE and am working as an assistant principal at a technical college. I am extremely grateful for finding the best resource for FELE and will be sharing this information with friends.”

“After one tutoring session and two writing submissions, Dr. Fields gave me invaluable feedback that helped me to pass the FELE Exam. I was becoming quite frustrated with repeated failures, but she helped to calm my nerves, focus, and do what needed to be done to reach a very important goal. Thank you, Dr. Fields!”

“I am an Assistant Principal at St. Thomas Aquinas HIgh School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It’s important to note that I have no experience working in a public high school in the state of Florida. In order to further my career goals, one of the requirements was to pass the FELE (Florida Educational Leadership Examination) examination. I believe that my lack of public high school experience put me at a significant disadvantage with regards to the FELE. However, any perceived disadvantage dissolved once I began Dr. Fields FELE preparatory training program.

Allow me to be specific with regards to the effectiveness of her program. The depth and breadth of her content and her understanding of the FELE was amazing. I felt I was being trained by someone who knew the FELE at a granular level. However, content information is not enough without a test taking methodology. This is where Dr. Fields excels. I felt completely prepared in how to approach all FELE modules.

There were times when I didn’t trust the sequence of events especially when it came to the written portion of the FELE. However, I chose to suspend those thoughts and just follow the progression and feedback that Dr. Fields gave me as I prepared. I passed the FELE because of the quality of Dr. Fields program.!”

“I wanted to reach out to you to THANK YOU for the course I took back in January. Due to COVID, work mayhem, my daughter’s head surgery, life, etc. I had to postpone that last subtest test till yesterday. I did what you reviewed in the tutoring course and I can proudly attest that I have passed my last FELE subtest. Thank you for offering that course and guiding me through it. I couldn’t have done it without you. Hope you have a wonderful day!”

“Before contacting Dr. Fields, I had unsuccessfully taken the FELE writing exam more times than I would like to admit. I hesitated on booking a one on one tutoring session with Dr. Fields because I was already spending so much money trying to pass this test. Eventually, I had no other option. I contacted Dr. Fields and she immediately emailed me back and we scheduled video tutoring session. During this session, she shared her testing strategy and reviewed sample prompts with me. What I feel sets her apart from others is what happens AFTER the tutoring session. When our time ended, she emailed me a sample prompt. I set a timer, wrote to the prompt, and returned my essay to her. She then sent me a response that included where I scored on her rubric, what I did well, and how I could improve. Dr. Fields offered to do as many practices as needed to make me feel comfortable before retaking the exam. I was so happy to have passed after working with her. I would encourage anyone who is even thinking about contacting her to do it!! I wish I would have reached out to her sooner!! Thank you so much, Dr. Fields!”

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Dr. Fields for her countless support during my preparations to pass the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE).

I have taken the FELE examination more than once without success. Then, after registering for Dr. Fields’ virtual seminar and reviewing her study materials, I was able to pass the exam. I wish I would have taken her seminar before my first attempt. I feel confident that I would passed the FELE on the first try.

I would recommend FELE Prep and Dr. Fields to anyone and everyone who would like to pass the FELE. Dr. Fields is very knowledgeable and funny. You will definitely love her. I certainly did. Once again, thanks a million Dr. Fields! :)”

“I’m so excited to let you know that I passed my written test on my second day after receiving tutoring from you. After practicing your template, I went in the testing room very confident and I was very certain I passed the test. Indeed, I did it!! Thank you so much! ”

“I would like to thank Dr. Fields for her assistance and guidance in passing the FELE WPA. It was her instruction, methods, examples, and feedback that allowed me to hone in on my areas of growth. Prior to contacting Dr. Fields, I had reviewed a variety of prep courses and workshops geared to pass the FELE WPA. These resources are no comparisons to how Dr. Fields assisted in meeting the FELE WPA standards. She gave relevant, constructive, and concise advice based on my areas of strength and need with the use of her rubrics. I believe if it wasn’t for her assistance, I would have continued spinning my wheels trying to figure out the FELE. I am truly thankful for all her help because it has saved me a lot of time, money, and stress. I would recommend Dr. Fields to anyone who is planning to take or retake the FELE. ”

“After 3 attempts on subtest 2, Dr. Fields’ practice test and personal tutoring session led me to successfully pass the test. Dr. Fields is well versed in the information needed to pass the FELE and her personality quickly put me at easy. Dr. Fields not only walked me through questions and concerns about passing the test but offered to answer any questions that may have come up after our session and before taking the test. I would highly recommend both the FELE practice test and her personal tutoring session.
Thank you again for your time and help.”

“Thanks to your advice, virtual seminar, and materials, as well as my studying and persistence 😂, I finally passed section 3.  Thank you so much.  I passed, and I passed with confidence.”

“If you are looking toward passing the FELE, Dr. Fields can assist! Her tutoring session goes in depth with the material and clearly identifies the competencies assessed on the test. Along the way, she will provide you writing prompts to practice for the written performance portion of the test and provide you with feedback on your writing. Look no further, you have found the best tutoring site to prepare you to pass the FELE! Best of luck! ”

“I finally passed Subtest 3. Thank you so much for your help! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I just want to let you know I took my Sub test 3 on Saturday and passed! I am so excited. Thank you so much for your help and the module was EXCELLENT!!!
Thank you again”

“Dr. Fields, I wanted to reach out and share with you that I received my results yesterday about my 3rd attempt to complete the written exam and I PASSED!  It would not be without your assistance that I was able to do this.  I am forever thankful to your program and study guides that I was able to pass all parts of this test!  Your guidance and support is all that helped me make it through this process!   Thank you will never be enough to say!  Your program is forever effective and I would recommend it to anyone!”

“I have been meaning to email you and thank you for helping me pass the exam. Studying your material and talking to you about the exam helped me pass! Thank you for your help!” 

“Your review was extremely helpful and spot on! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone! Thank you Dr. Fields for preparing a thorough review for aspiring educational leaders. ” 

“Dr. Fields, I finally did it!!! I passed the written performance assessment!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your help in tutoring me!!!! I am SO elated right now!! ”

“Dr. Fields came highly recommended to me by another colleague. I sought out her comprehensive FELE Module 3 and her one-on-one tutoring. Her expertise and knowledge of the FELE’s hidden curricula were key to my success in passing all sections.”

Thank you so much for sending the study guide.  It helped me so much.  I’m happy to inform you that I took my FELE exam yesterday and passed with 30 minutes still remaining in the test. I couldn’t have done it without the study guide. I now have a Master’s Degree! I still can’t believe it!

I passed all sections on my first attempt… thanks to your session😊 Pretty sure I would not have passed the written section even with study guides; your test prep session was a life-saver!!   THANK YOU!

Good afternoon, Dr. Fields. You probably don’t remember me. You helped me with tutoring sessions for subtest 3 of the FELE exam. I just wanted to reach out and let you know I finally PASSED! I’m in the process of waiting for the official score report to show all sections passed so I can finally receive my Masters Degree. I wanted to thank you for your help and encouragement.

Thank you so much for your tutoring and guidance. I definitely could not have passed the exam without your help and I’m so grateful and thankful for the awesome packet of essays, tips, and your actual feedback!! Thank you soooo much!

Dr. Fields was the extra boost I needed to be successful. I had to retake Subtest 1 more than once after missing it by only 5 points. Her hour tutoring session way the answer!

I took the FELE and used your essay prep which allowed me to pass it on the first try. Additionally, I needed to take an essay test in Lee County to get into their AP pool and passed the essays on the first try also. Your essay prep was invaluable. Unfortunately, I never got your prep kit for the rest of the exam. I went in cold and failed section 3 multiple choice the first round. I then ordered your test prep for the multiple choice portion of section 3 and passed.  Your study guides are truly invaluable and had I bought them first time around, I would have passed all sections.

After having taken the FELE the first time and failing two sections, I decided to invest in Dr. Field’s materials. I must say that this was the best decision I ever made. I studied her materials and passed without any issues during my second attempt. Her resources are thorough, yet to the point. They cover what you will see on the exam! Thank you for money well-spent!

I would like to share some FANTASTIC news……Thanks to your support and guidance I passed the written portion of the FELE and am now eligible to graduate from UWF with my Masters in Educational Leadership. I took the written portion (for the 4th time but…..it was the 1st time after working with you) and I PASSED. You can add me to your first time success total/record!!! I truly appreciate all your help and I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Hi there. I am excited to let you know that I did in fact pass the writing portion of the FELE. This was my third attempt at the test. I purchased the module in January but finished the school year before I dedicated the time to prepare for the test. The module was a huge help! I would recommend it to anyone taking the test. I am certain that I would have passed the test earlier if I had it to study from. Thank you for checking in with me!

I am proud to say that I passed the FELE on June 26th, 2018 and can now continue to become hired as an assistant principal in my district and continue to move forward in my career from there. Thank you for helping me sort through the vocabulary and question distractors that I struggled with on this test through my tutoring with you. I hope all is well and good with you, and I will let anyone that I meet who is struggling with this test know about you.

I am excited to tell you that I received my score last night and I passed!  Thank you for your help with this obstacle of mine, the written performance of the FELE. I am forever grateful. I will definitely recommend your services to colleagues of mine. Ryan, July, 2018.

“Dr. Fields is my hero. I have taken the FELE writing portion 5 times and kept scoring a 6. With Dr. Field’s encouragement and guidance, I finally passed. I can’t recommend her enough!

Thanks again.”

“I’m very happy to let you know that I just received notification that I passed the third section of the FELE test. We talked for an hour in October over the phone after I failed it a second time, and you sent me a hard copy of your study guide. I dissected it and made index cards to study. I took the test in early December and recognized all of the tested items because of your wonderful study materials. They also gave me 65 questions with 90 minutes this time instead of 65 questions with a 75 minute time limit. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You are an amazing educator.”

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools through your materials and tutoring that I needed to FINALLY pass the FELE 3.0 writing portion!! It is such a weight off my shoulders! I’m just happy that I can finally move on with my career. It really was the best Christmas gift I could have gotten. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone struggling with passing this test.”

“I passed all modules the first time I took them. Your review materials were particularly helpful for the writing and the systems leadership questions. Good review of school law and finance.”

“I PASSED!!!!! 😀 There were actually a few questions that were very close to what you had in your study guide. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderfully helpful study tool. Everyone taking the FELE examination should definitely seek out your study materials!!
Thank you for caring about the next generation of leaders. Appreciatively!”

“I passed the FELE essay only because of your study guide. There is nothing out there that can help with that except your study guide. Thank you!!”

“Hello, my name is TIM KELLY and I did pass all the subtests of the FELE since I got your package online. Your study guides were awesome. I’m still reviewing them prior to working hopefully this fall as an administrator in Florida.”

“I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for everything that you have done for me. This morning I took the FELE Subtest 1- Leadership for Student Learning and received and unofficial pass score!! I attribute this score to the time, effort, and advise you provided me. You went above and beyond and helped me gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of this exam. Your program works and your knowledge, understanding, and people skills are incredible!! Thank you for helping conquer my Mount Everest and please continue to do the work that you do. Once again thank you for helping me navigate this challenge and for helping me get one step closer to attaining my goals and achieving my educational desires.”

“Dr. Fields is an amazing tutor who stays up-to-date with all information on the FELE. I would highly suggest Dr. Fields to anyone who needs help passing the FELE. I’m very confident you will pass the test with her help!”

“I took the FELE writing section 6 times and failed. Then I bought your study materials and I passed it the seventh time. Thank you so much!

“I purchased the Writing Study Guide and it was a huge help. I passed the essay portion of the FELE on my first try after using your study guide. Thank you so much. Let me know if you need anything else from me. I will definitely share your flyer.”

“Your material on Subtest 1 proved instrumental in my finally passing that section of the FELE. Thanks for all of your hard work and your most recent guidance.”

“I passed all three subtests; the writing part took two times. I wouldn’t have passed without your help.” 

“I will be forever grateful to you and your work. If I never used your material, I would never have passed. I failed everything twice; then I bought all your materials and studied diligently and passed the first two subtests that time around. When I felt like giving up on subset 3, I went back to your materials and studied. Every question on that test, I basically knew the answer and all the material came from your study guide. I will forever sing your praises. Thank you.”

“Thank you for All your help!  I set-up a study routine at the university after our Skype, and studied, studied, studied the study guide using index cards.  In addition, I took notes on the principal leadership site through FLDOE that you recommended and reviewed recommended readings again.  Just got the results tonight and finally passed Subtest 2.  Now I can graduate.  Thank you for all your help and encouragement! :)”

“Dr. Fields test preparation program is incredible. I passed the three multiple choice sections on the first attempt after using her modules.  I then asked her for help in tutoring for the written assessment.  The tips and examples from Dr. Fields really made the monster of an exam something that was easy to tame. I passed!  Thank you, Dr. Fields, for your support and guidance throughout the process.”

I was having great difficulty with passing section 3 of the FELE.  I purchased the FELE prep materials and it increased my score by 15 points, but I was still having trouble with the decision making aspect from section 3.  I decided to have a tutoring session with Dr. Fields, and it was excellent.  She gave me accurate and useful strategies to help with my decision making.  I really gained the confidence I needed and passed!!!”

“I passed the FELE!  I have to say that the guidance on how to complete the writing section was very helpful, especially with regard to discussing data.”

Thanks to your comprehensive study guide, I passed the FELE!   I truly can attest to the worth of your materials.”

“When I took the FELE the first time around I passed all sections except for the multiple choice portion of the 3rd subtest. I then found and purchased your study guide and passed with extra time and a lot of confidence. I have also passed along your website and information to my colleagues who are also taking the FELE. Thank you so much for your help in my passing of the FELE!”

“The prep material was fantastic and really helped me pass the first two sub tests of the FELE. I felt very well prepared.”

“I appreciate your email. I actually took my test again now after failing this one part 3 times, and I’m happy to say that I passed! I really feel that your guide was very useful and prepared me for the test. I used some other supplemental study guides, but yours was the key element to my success.  Thank you so much, you can add me to your list of happy customers. “ 😉😄

“I am excited to inform you that I received passing scores on all four sections of my FELE. I truly could not have done it without your help, tutoring, and amazing study guide. Thank you so much again for all your help.”

“I bought the written performance study guide from you. I had passed the multiple choice subtests on the first try, but the written section was rough! I had scored a 6 on the written portion the first two times and studied your guide for the third…I PASSED!!!! I have recommended your product to several people! Thank you!”

“I had so much trouble passing the FELE subtest 3 multiple choice. Dr. Field’s study guide helped me so much. She face timed with me to talk about questions I still had and responded to several emails that I sent her about issues I was still having. Finally, I was able to pass the FELE part 3 and I couldn’t be happier, and Dr.Fields was a major factor in me passing.”

“I struggled passing section 3, multiple choice, of the FELE. After my second failed attempt, I heard about your prep material. I’ll admit I was hesitant about the price, but it was worth not failing my exam again. I was super confident, and your exam prep thoroughly went over all material. I passed in May 2017!”

“Hello there all my fellow FELE test takers. Like many of you, I struggled for over one year to pass all four sections of the FELE.  First, I purchased three different prep booklets off of Amazon and to be honest with you, it was the biggest waste of money and time. The questions could not be further from what the FELE questions actually looked like. Then, I purchased Dr. Field’s FELE prep guides. Yes, they were pricey, but the material in the practice tests was similar to the real test! Take my advice though.  Do not ignore the rest of the packet. It’s a lot of reading, but the information in that packet is just as valuable as the practice tests. Luckily, on my first try I was able to pass the written section of Subtest 3. Then, I passed subtest 1 on my next attempt. It took me three attempts to pass subtest 2, but finally that was done. But let me tell you, it took me a total of 10 times until I passed the multiple- choice portion of Subtest 3. Yes, you read that right, 10 times! After my 8th attempt, feeling hopeless and frustrated, I contacted Dr. Fields, and we had set up a Skype tutoring session. She couldn’t have been more focused with helping me pass. She provided me with fantastic tips and strategies to pass the test. She knows the ins and outs of not only the tests, but the FELE testing system. She herself has taken this test numerous times. Trust me when I say, if you’re someone who is having difficulty passing the FELE, or if you are someone who just wants a proper tutor who has experience with the FELE, go to Dr. Fields. She’s a person with a beautiful soul who cares about helping you conquer this test. I truly believe Dr. Fields is the best tutor out there for the FELE”

Dr. Field’s FELE seminar is amazing! It helped me pass all 4 parts of FELE. It definitely aligns with the new hardcore test. The review is worth every penny. In addition to this, Dr. Field’s is an awesome person and she will stick by your side until you have successfully passed all 4 parts of the FELE. She is truly a blessing from above. Thanks Dr. Fields for all of your help and support”.

“I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your email, but I just recently received my scores back and I PASSED!!! 🙂 I just want to say that your study guide was very thorough and was the perfect review that I needed to complete the subtest 3 of the FELE exam. Thank you so much again and I hope you have an amazing holiday season as I know I now will. :-)”

I passed the FELE section 2! Your study materials helped me and I wanted to thank you. Thank you again!”

“Just want you to know I passed my FELE after using your awesome material. You are right on the mark with content.”

“Thank you for contacting me, I’ve been meaning to email you.  I purchased part 3 of the FELE test prep.  It was very informative and helpful.  After failing this part of the test, I passed it with ease after using your module. Thank you!!  D.C., 2016

Took it in August and passed all but Subtest 2.  Was lost on what to study and came across your review guide. That was all I used to review. Took it again Oct 7 and got that beautiful score of PASS last Tuesday so I am all done.  The stress cloud has lifted!  I know many people who have struggled/are struggling so will certainly recommend your materials! I will also pass it along to professors at USF”

“Dr. Fields, Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I PASSED Subtest 1 and I acknowledge that it was the one-on-one session with you and the helpful hints you gave me in order to be successful.  I would never have thought to jot down information when I first sit down that I could refer back to throughout.  I did not receive my score immediately after testing, in fact, they said I would have to wait 5 weeks, but the results came in a few days ago (Last Thursday).  So once again, Thank you!”

“I received my PASSING score on the written performance last night!!!!

Your information and guide was very, very valuable in the preparation for this retake. Thanks for continuing to check up on me during this process and I will send your contact information to any of my colleagues who are going down the same path. Thanks again!”

“I just received the news that I passed subtest 2. I believe you were able to shore up some loose ends in our tutoring session that helped me over the hurdle. I wish I discovered your services sooner rather than later, would’ve saved me some money lol. I’m just SO relieved it’s over. Thank you for your assistance.”

“Hi Dr. Fields.  I got my score!!! I passed 🙂 I’m so excited and happy that I just cannot stop smiling. I’m done! Wow, I’m still in shock and full of life! I cannot thank you enough for your help and encouragement! You were wonderful, well you ARE wonderful 🙂 Thank you! Thank you”

Once again, I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for all your help and support in tutoring me with your materials for Subtest 3 of the FELE. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

“After studying your FELE prep materials for subtest 2, I was able to pass with ease. There were only three questions on the entire test that genuinely stumped me – the rest was a breeze! Your materials prepared me well!”

“I took the FELE on May 9 and passed it successfully.  That was quite a feat since I had a relatively short time to prepare. Your materials were the key!  I am grateful for such a valuable resource.”

“I will definitely let others know about what you provide.”

“Took me a couple tries but I passed and graduated! Thank you!  Your program SAVED my life.”

“Thank you so much for making your study guides available and having the tutoring session with me!! I was discouraged, because I had failed Subtests 2 and 3 of the FELE twice before contacting you.  Your materials and tutoring were worth every penny. Between your study materials, the study regimen that you suggested and God, I passed. The tips you were able to provide really helped me to select answers that I felt were the right choice. Thanks again Dr. Fields!”

“I had not wanted to let you know until I had the final results.  March 29th, I re-took Subtest 1 after I studied your guide for that section.  I must say that your Subtest 1 guide was SPOT ON! The practice test was relevant to the type of questions asked and would recommend it to anyone!  I just received the results today – I PASSED!!!!!  I wanted to thank you so much.”

“I retook Subtest 2- Organizational Development today and passed. Thanks to your study guide I was able to answer the questions more logically.”

“You are the FELE guru!!!!!!!! I passed the Systems Leadership Test today. I had taken the FELE Systems Leadership Test twice before using your guide. I want to thank you for your comprehensive study guide, advice, and support. I couldn’t have been fruitful without you.”

“Your study guide was incredibly helpful.  Thank you.”

“Thanks for the feleprep.com and their study guide for module 2.  I was able to pass the FELE.  The study guide had all of the crucial information for the test and the practice test was very comparable to what was on the real exam.”

“The study guides definitely helped, as I did pass Section 1 of the FELE.  Thanks so much!

“I received my results last night, and I passed.  Thanks for the helpful tips included in the modules.”

“I took the FELE Subtest 2 yesterday and I passed!  I just wanted to inform you and let you know that the test prep study guide was extremely helpful!  Thank you!”

“Dr. Fields! Thank you so much. I passed my test!!  I am over the moon!! I can finally close this chapter of my life. Thank you again!!”

“Without your notes, I passed the writing section but not the other sections.  With your notes, I passed all of the remaining sections.  By the way, I had used the FELE practice tests for the first time I took it.  I found no use from those.  Your notes were better because they had clear explanation of the information, and it was more like I would receive from a lecture.  It was far more meaningful than just taking random tests like the other website.  Your notes—hands down—were the reason I passed.”

Dr. Fields is AMAZING! I have been in education for 26+ years and unfortunately let my certification expire.  As a result, I had to recertify and pass the Educational Leadership tests.  I was able to study and pass 3 or the 4 sections but kept getting within 1 or 2 questions of passing Test 2.  Dr. Fields recommended a one-on-one tutoring session for my situation.  After 1 hour with her, I was able to retake the test and pass Test 2!  She really helped me focus in on what I needed to study.  I am so thankful and grateful that she got me through!  I cannot say enough nice things about her.  I highly recommend Dr. Fields!”

“I contacted Dr. Fields at the beginning of 2016 after attempting to pass FELE 3.0 Subtests 2 and 3 for three times. After purchasing her packets and studying them thoroughly, she tutored me online twice for each subtests. During the month of February, she offered support over the phone and via email every time I requested it. The packets include links to helpful websites and annotated synthesis of pertinent authors to further expand your preparation for the FELE 3.0. I passed Subtest 3 in March 18th after reviewing her material and studying all the additional content she offered. Subtest 2 was harder to pass but I conquered it in my seventh try last May. It is my absolute pleasure to highly recommend the services and materials of Dr. Fields in your preparation for this rigorous state exam.”

“I am so HAPPY! I passed the multiple choice section!!!!!!!!  I want you to know how grateful and appreciative I am of your time! Your study guides and the tutoring sessions helped and made all the difference in my passing this exam. You helped me gain the knowledge I needed and the confidence I lacked after failed attempts at the test.”

“Yes, I took the FELE in March and passed all of the subtests except for Subtest 3. I purchased your study guide for Subtest 3. I studied the material for 2 weeks and then retook the Subtest 3 exam and passed. I am grateful to have found your website and purchased your materials!”