Summer is the Perfect Time to Prep for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam

Florida Educational Leadership Exam

Grading papers at home, parent teacher conferences and after school activities often mean we have little time to concentrate on ourselves during the school year.  If you are an educator, summer is the perfect time to prep for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Less distractions mean more time for you to really dig in to the FELE exam study guide and other FELE test prep materials.  Here is a rundown of some of the FELE study materials and resources you may want to consider this summer:

FELE Seminars

Now is the time you might want to consider one of our FELE seminars.  FELE Prep offers a one-day intensive seminar which includes a comprehensive review of the FELE exam study guide, instruction on complex concepts, a FELE practice test and FELE writing examples.

FELE Exam Study Guide

We offer a comprehensive FELE exam study guide for each subtest.  First time test takers should order Modules 1, 2, and 3; repeat test takers should order only the modules they need. Modules include a FELE practice test.

FELE Flashcards

FELE flashcards are a self-study supplement to the FELE exam study guide modules.  They feature key terms and theorists for the multiple choice portion of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

Written Performance Assessment Sample

This is an excellent resource for FELE writing tips and FELE writing examples to help you excel on the written portion of the FELE test.

All of our FELE study materials are developed by Dr. Lynette Fields.  Dr. Fields has spent more than three decades in the public school system as a teacher, university professor and administrator and has a comprehensive understanding of how to help candidates prepare for the FELE.

If you are ready to start preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam, there is no time like the present!  Visit our website to learn more.