Featured Service: FELE Seminars

FELE Seminars

We will be taking time over the next few months to highlight the different resources we offer to help you prepare for the Florida Education Leadership Exam.  This month, our feature service is FELE seminars.

Our FELE seminars, a.k.a. FELE workshops, offer a collaborative approach to preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Let’s look at some key features:

Class Size

Our intensive, one-day FELE seminars accommodate eight to ten people.  We keep the class size small enough for personalized attention, but large enough for group collaboration.  When it comes to preparing for the FELE test, we find there are many students who prefer to prepare within a collaborative environment.

FELE Exam Study Guide

Each student is provided with our FELE Exam Study Guide.  All four of our FELE test preparation modules (FELE subtest 1 study guide, FELE subtest 2 study guide, FELE subtest 3 study guide, FELE test information and test taking strategies) are included in the FELE Exam Study Guide.

FELE Practice Test

FELE practice tests are included in each study guide.  Candidates are encouraged to attend the FELE seminar, study, and then take the FELE practice test to determine areas of strength and weakness.

All FELE seminars are facilitated by FELE Prep founder and veteran educator, Dr. Lynette Fields.  Dr. Fields has worked in the Florida public school system for more than 30 years, serving as a teacher, administrator and university professor in educational leadership. Dr. Fields goal is to build the confidence level of each student, as she believes that confidence directly affects one’s success when taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

Learn more or sign up for one of our upcoming FELE seminars.