FELE Study Materials

fele practice test

This month, we would like to give you a detailed look at some of the FELE study materials we offer such as our FELE exam study guide modules which include a FELE practice test.  We also offer materials that incorporate FELE writing examples to help you excel in the written performance assessment.  Let’s take a […]

Featured Service: FELE Seminars

FELE Seminars

We will be taking time over the next few months to highlight the different resources we offer to help you prepare for the Florida Education Leadership Exam.  This month, our feature service is FELE seminars. Our FELE seminars, a.k.a. FELE workshops, offer a collaborative approach to preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Let’s look […]

Why is Preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam So Important?

FELE test

Some of our new clients are students who did not pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam the first time around. Many of these students admit that they did not properly prepare for the FELE test and therefore did not exactly know what to expect. If you are planning to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam […]