FELE exam study guide

The one part of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam that most people agree causes much anxiety is the written / essay portion of the test.  If you are uneasy about the written performance assessment, you are not alone.  When it comes to FELE writing examples, we’ve got you covered!

FELE Exam Study Guide – Module 3A

Our FELE exam study guide includes modules for each subtest (i.e. Module one includes the FELE subtest 1 study guide, etc.) The written performance assessment is included in subtest 3A. Our FELE study guide module 3A includes preparation for this part of the exam. Each FELE study guide also includes a FELE practice test.

Written Performance Assessment – Downloadable Sample

FELE writing examples are included in our sample written performance assessment.

FELE Seminars

Our FELE seminars are designed for comprehensive FELE test prep in a small group environment.  FELE writing examples and a FELE practice test are included.  Our FELE seminars are conducted by our founder and FELE expert, Dr. Lynette Fields.

FELE Tutoring

Dr. Fields is available for one-on-one FELE tutoring.  During your session, Dr. Fields can answer questions about the FELE study guide, FELE writing examples and FELE practice test as well as address any other FELE test prep items you wish for her to cover. Dr. Fields has a 100% pass rate in tutoring candidates to success on the written performance assessment.

FELE Prep can help ease your anxiety about taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  We’ve helped hundreds of candidates like yourself with our easy to understand, comprehensive FELE study materials and FELE writing examples.  Let us help you pave the road to success!