FELE Study Materials

fele practice test

This month, we would like to give you a detailed look at some of the FELE study materials we offer such as our FELE exam study guide modules which include a FELE practice test.  We also offer materials that incorporate FELE writing examples to help you excel in the written performance assessment.  Let’s take a closer look:

FELE Exam Study Guide Options for First Time Test Takers

Our comprehensive FELE study guide modules are designed to help you prepare for each subtest.  For instance, Module 1 is our FELE Subtest 1 Study Guide.  All of the material in this module is designed to help you prepare for the FELE Subtest 1. A FELE practice test is included with each FELE study guide. It is recommended that first time test takers purchase Modules 1 – 4:

  • Module 1:     Leadership for Student Learning/FELE Subtest 1 Study Guide
  • Module 2:     Organizational Development/FELE Subtest 2 Study Guide
  • Module 3:     Systems Leadership/FELE Subtest 3 Study Guide
  • Module 3A:   Systems Leadership Written Performance Assessment (includes FELE writing examples)
  • Module 3B:   Systems Leadership Multiple Choice
  • Module 4:     FELE Test Information and Test Taking Strategies

FELE Exam Study Guide Options for Repeat FELE Test Takers

Repeat FELE exam test takers are encouraged to purchase the FELE exam study guide module(s) they need. For instance, someone who has failed the Subtest 1 should purchase Module 1 – FELE Subtest 1 Study Guide. It is especially important to take the FELE practice test included with each FELE study guide to help reinforce the information you need to know to pass the FELE exam.

Written Performance Assessment

Many of our students request FELE writing examples to help them prepare for the written performance assessment in Subtest 3A.  Our newest FELE study guide incorporates one of the best FELE writing examples available along with a scoring rubric for the essay portion.

Are you planning to take the FELE exam in 2019?  If so, we encourage you to consider purchasing our study materials and perhaps sign up for one of our FELE seminars.  We’re here help you succeed!