FELE Study Materials

FELE Prep Modules

There are six FELE Prep Modules to help you prepare for FELE Subtest 1, FELE Subtest 2 and FELE Subtest 3:

First Time FELE Test Takers

We recommend Modules 1-4. Module 1 prepares you for FELE Subtest 1, Leadership for Student Learning. Module 2 gets you ready for FELE Subtest 2, Organizational Development, and Module 3 organizes you for FELE Subtest 3, Systems Leadership. Module 4 offers detailed information about the FELE, preparation techniques, test taking strategies, and ways to reduce test anxiety or register for FELE Prep’s one day intensive seminar where hard copies of the modules are provided.

Repeat FELE Test Takers

If you have failed FELE Subtest 1, FELE Subtest 2 or a portion of FELE Subtest 3, we recommend that you order only the module(s) that you need. Please note that Module 3A prepares candidates for ONLY the written performance assessment portion of FELE Subtest 3, while Module 3B prepares candidates for ONLY the multiple choice section of FELE Subtest 3. Module 3 contains the information for BOTH the written performance assessment and the multiple choice (in other words, it contains information for both sections of FELE Subtest 3).

Downloadable Self-Study Review Guides

PDFEach module is a downloadable self-study review guide. Once purchased, modules are available immediately and can be accessed through the order history page. Within each module, there are objectives, comprehensive content notes, and practice quizzes. In addition, there is background information about the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

Due to the structure of the exam, there is intentional overlap among FELE Prep’s content modules (Modules 1, 2, and 3). When you purchase two or more modules (Modules 1, 2, and/or 3), you may request a $30 discount off of the total price. To receive this discount, please contact Dr. Fields at lfields@feleprep.com.

FELE Prep Flashcards

Downloadable Self-Study Supplement to Modules

PDFFlashcards are NOT a substitution for Modules but are intended as a supplement to the modules. The flashcards only contain about 1/3 of the information that you need to know for the FELE.

Written Performance Assessment

Downloadable Sample

PDFThis is a downloadable PDF.