Time Management Skills and the Florida Educational LeadershipExam

We are continuing our series of FELE test prep articles outlining some time management strategies to help you as you take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE) Subtests and Time Management

There are three subtests on the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  The testing format for Subtests 1 and 2 is multiple choice.  Candidates are given two hours to complete each of these subtests.  On the other hand, Subtest 3 has two parts:  a multiple-choice section and a written response.  For Subtest 3, candidates are given 1.5 hours to complete the multiple-choice section and are given one hour to complete one written response.  With computerized testing, there is the option to have a time clock visible on your computer screen to help you monitor your time.

Candidates have the option of registering for and taking each subtest separately or a combination of subtests.  For candidates that are prone to test fatigue, this may be an attractive option.  The disadvantage, however, is cost.  When a candidate registers for any combination of the FELE, he or she must pay a $215 fee for the first administration,

and $225 for each administration of any subtests taken later.

For Subtest 3, candidates should practice composing a written response in an hour.  On the website of the Florida Department of Education, there are three, free prompts for practice: https://www.fldoe.org/accountability/assessments/postsecondary-assessment/fele/written-performance-assessment.stml

Being aware of the allotted time for the subtests of the FELE and mastering time management for the written response of Subtest 3 are essential for successfully preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam. FELE Prep offers FELE exam study guide materials that include FELE practice questions and FELE writing tips to help you prepare for all three subtests and the FELE written response. Additionally, we offer FELE seminars, FELE flashcards, and FELE tutoring via Skype to help you prepare.

Our founder, Dr. Lynette Fields is a 30+ year veteran of the Florida public school system. She recommends candidates begin studying for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam at least four to six weeks prior to their scheduled testing date. We invite you to explore our website or contact us for more information about our FELE test prep resources today!