Time Management Test Taking Strategies to Help You Pass the  Florida Educational Leadership Exam

We are continuing our series of articles discussing time management strategies to help you pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam. When it comes to effective time management, prioritization is key. Identify the areas or topics that hold more weight and devote more of your study time to these areas.

Break Down Study Tasks

FELE Prep founder, Dr. Lynette Fields, recommends that candidates begin studying for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam at least four to six weeks prior to taking all of the subtests. Begin by creating a FELE test prep study schedule or develop a plan to help structure your exam preparation efficiently. Break down the content into manageable sections and allocate time for each topic accordingly. By having a clear plan in place, you can ensure that you devote sufficient time to each subject and cover all the necessary materials.

Large study tasks can be daunting and overwhelming. The key is to break them down into smaller, more manageable sections. By tackling smaller chunks at a time, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and progress as you complete each part of the task.

Set realistic goals for each study session. These goals should be specific and achievable within the allocated time. This approach will help you stay focused and motivated so you can make the most out of your study sessions.

We’ll continue our conversation about test taking time management in our next article.

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