Tips to Help You Score High on the FELE Written Response

One of the most intimidating sections of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam is the FELE written response.  However, with some coaching from your friends at FELE Prep, you can pass the first time!  Our next series of articles will offer some tips to help you achieve a high score on the FELE written response.  Let’s take a look:

Take Time to Comprehend All of the Data

Be careful not to rush through the data.  Take time to read it and analyze it; be sure to record the trends and specific changes on the laminated sheet provided. The FELE written response will be scored based on how well you understand and can explain this data.  Data need to be explained thoroughly and correctly with all trends noted.  Specific examples of gains and losses should be cited.

Make Sure You Clearly Establish the Topic

A weak introduction can set you up for failure.  Your FELE written response should include a strong beginning where the writer clearly establishes the topic, and the purpose of the writing is introduced.

Organize and Avoid Errors

There should be a brief introduction, content with data analysis and recommendations that correlate with data trends, and a short closing.  There should be transitions among the paragraphs or sections.  The writer should also use superior grammar and syntax.

Our next article will describe more tips to consider when crafting your FELE written response.  There are sample written responses in FELE Prep’s materials.

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