Additional Tips on Taking the FELE Written Response

We are continuing our series on tips on taking the FELE written response.  Our previous article discussed the importance of taking time to comprehend all of the data, making sure you clearly establish the topic, and organizing the information to avoid errors.  Today, will cover more FELE writing tips to keep in mind when you are taking the FELE written response.

  • Realistic role play (principal, assistant principal, etc.) occurs where the viewpoint is consistently communicated and adapted to the intended audience (superintendent, parents, teachers, administrative team, etc.)
  • Product looks like what was requested in the prompt (memo, letter, executive summary, etc.)
  • Make sure you answer ALL points of the prompt.
  • Be specific in your answers, providing as many details as possible.
  • Be mindful of the audience you are provided and be sure to write your FELE written response in a way that the audience will understand.
  • Double check everything and remember that accuracy is important!!

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