Tips to Help You Prepare for the FELE Multiple Choice Questions

The Florida Educational Leadership Exam is a challenging test, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to help you as you work through each section. Our next series of articles will offer strategies to help you navigate through the multiple choice portions of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

Read the Question Slowly and All the Way Through

It is important to read each question slowly and thoroughly, multiple times if necessary. Sometimes nerves or reading quickly can cause you to miss or gloss over a word or something that changes the context of the question. Take your time and if you need to, whisper the question as you read it.  You may also want to underline certain words that can change the context of the questions (i.e., not, never, always, etc.). This will help ensure you completely understand what is being asked.

Answer the Question Before Looking at the Choices

While it is tempting to look at the multiple choice answers, try to first answer the question before reviewing the possible answer. This can further help you identify the correct multiple choice answer.

Our next article will cover more tips to help you with the multiple choice sections of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

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