FELE Multiple Choice Preparation Strategies

We are continuing our series discussing some strategies to help you prepare for the multiple choice sections of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  The FELE consists of three Subtests, all of which have multiple choice questions.  Following a few simple strategies can help increase your chances of success.  Our previous article covered the importance of reading the question all the way through before answering and answering the question in your head before looking at the choices.  Today, we will look at more FELE test prep strategies for answering multiple choice questions.

Review Choices and Eliminate Obvious Incorrect Answers

We discussed in our previous article how you should first answer the question in your head before looking at the choices. Once you have done this, then you should carefully review ALL of the choices and eliminate the ones you know for certain are incorrect.  Narrowing down your choices will help you as you work to determine the correct answer.

Go with Your Gut!

Sometimes just going with your gut can lead you to the correct answer. Be careful not to analyze the options to the point where you become paralyzed as you strive to determine your answer. When in total doubt, go with your gut.

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