(part one)

The Florida Educational Leadership Exam is a challenging test. Proper preparation is key to passing, especially for first time test takers. FELE Prep is solely dedicated to helping candidates pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  We have assisted hundreds of candidates and look forward to helping you, too!  Our next series of articles will cover some tips on preparing for the FELE.  Let’s take a closer look:

Purchase FELE Exam Study Guide Materials Well in Advance

Cramming is something that is definitely not recommended when preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam. Consider purchasing your FELE exam study guide materials at least two months in advance of your scheduled testing date. 

Designate Blocks of Time For Studying

Many candidates find it preferable to designate certain times throughout the week to study.  A consistent study schedule can help ensure you stay on track.

Work the FELE Practice Questions

Our FELE exam study guide materials include FELE practice questions.  We also work FELE practice questions in our FELE seminars. These are very important because they help give you a good “feel” for the test and what will be expected.

Our next article will cover more FELE test prep tips to consider.

Dr. Lynette Fields, a 30+ year veteran of the Florida public school system, founded FELE Prep.  She develops all of our FELE exam study guide materials, conducts FELE tutoring and facilitates FELE seminars. Unlike many other FELE test prep providers, our sole focus is on the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  If you plan to take the test now or in the near future, we can help.  Browse our FELE exam study guide materials or give us a call to learn more today!