FELE Test Prep Tips

We are continuing our series on FELE test prep tips to help you better prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Our previous article covered the importance of not cramming and utilizing your FELE exam study guide materials well in advance, designating a block of time for studying, and working the FELE practice questions. Today, we will look at three more FELE test prep tips to consider:

Review FELE Writing Tips and Practice the FELE Written Response

Taking time to review our FELE writing tips and practicing the FELE written response is key to passing Subtest 3.  In addition to self-study resources, we also work on the FELE written response in our FELE seminars and during FELE tutoring sessions.

Incorporate FELE Flashcards

FELE flashcards are an excellent complement to our FELE exam study guide materials,  They cover key terms and theorists for the multiple choice questions in Subtest 1, Subtest 2 and Subtest 3.

 Consider FELE Seminars and/or FELE Tutoring

Subtest specific virtual FELE seminars offer a hands-on preparation experience.  FELE tutoring is a one-on-one SKYPE session.  Both are facilitated by our founder, Dr. Lynette Fields.

If you are planning the take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam either now or in the future, we can help.  Our comprehensive FELE exam study guide materials include FELE practice questions and FELE writing tips to help familiarize you with the type of material that will appear on the test.  We also have resources such as FELE flashcards, FELE seminars, and FELE tutoring that dig deeper into what will be expected of you when taking the exam.  Feel free to browse our FELE exam study guide materials or give us a call to learn more today!