Florida Educational Leadership Exam Overview

We are continuing our series which breaks down the different components of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Our last article covered Subtest 1 – Leadership for Student Learning (see FELE exam study guide for Subtest 1) and Subtest 2 – Organizational Development (see FELE exam study guide for Subtest 2.)  Today, we will take a closer look at Subtest 3.

Subtest 3

Systems Leadership Written Performance Assessment

This portion of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam includes approximately 66 multiple choice questions, an essay, and the FELE written response.  The essay portion is designed to assess your ability to compose and write an original, well-organized essay with proper grammar and spelling.  The FELE written response section gauges your ability to interpret and analyze data while measuring the effectiveness of your written communication. FELE Prep has a variety of FELE test prep resources to help you with Subtest 3:

FELE exam study guide for Subtest 3

FELE written response study guide with FELE writing tips

FELE Prep is a premier provider of FELE test prep services.  We have developed customized FELE exam study guide materials and FELE practice questions for each Subtest.  We also have materials which include FELE writing tips to prepare you for your essay and FELE written response.  Additional FELE test prep resources include FELE seminars (virtual), FELE tutoring (via Skype) and FELE flashcards.  If you are ready to get serious about taking and passing the Florida Educational Leadership Exam, your friends at FELE Prep can help.  Give us a call to learn more today!