Reducing Test Anxiety

We are continuing our series on reducing test anxiety. Our previous article covered the importance of getting plenty of sleep before taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam and eating a nutritious meal on the day of the exam.  Today, we will look at two more strategies to add to your FELE test prep regimen to help you combat test anxiety.

Reframe Your Mind

A positive attitude in itself can help keep anxiety at bay.  You’ve done your due diligence by completing your FELE test prep. Have confidence in yourself and your knowledge and understanding of the material. If you begin to feel anxious, consider adding some mindfulness exercises to help calm your nerves.

Arrive Early

Arriving to the Florida Educational Leadership Exam testing site early helps you not feel so rushed, thus reducing test anxiety.  Be sure to have everything you need to take with you ready the evening before so you can just grab it and head out the door.  Consider leaving at least 10 minutes earlier than you normally would to account for traffic, construction, or other possible delays along the way.

Our next article will discuss more ways you can reduce anxiety you may have about taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

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