FELE Test Prep Tips

FELE Test Prep

Preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam is much like preparing for any standardized test.  As educators, we are knowledgeable in helping students prepare for tests and exams.  However, these strategies are often easier to discuss with our students than apply ourselves. 

FELE Prep understands how challenging the Florida Educational Leadership Exam can be, which is why we have developed a comprehensive set of FELE resources to help you succeed.  Some of these Florida FELE resources include FELE study materials (i.e. self-study review guides, FELE flashcards, etc.), FELE written response / FELE essay examples, FELE practice questions, FELE tutoring and our FELE prep course/FELE seminars.

We discussed test taking tips in a previous article.  This article will focus on FELE test prep tips to keep in mind as you prepare for the exam:

Plan a FELE Test Prep Strategy

Just like you would with any large project, consider outlining a formal FELE test prep strategy.  You should give yourself several months to study for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam as learning and reviewing the material over a longer period of time is generally more effective.  Decide on which FELE resources you plan to utilize and come up with a realistic study routine and timeline.  For instance, you may want to immerse yourself in FELE study materials, FELE written response / FELE essay examples, and FELE practice questions during the course of your entire study plan.  You may then want to augment these with a FELE test prep course/FELE seminar and perhaps even some FELE tutoring.  You may also decide to utilize FELE flashcards a few weeks prior to the exam.  The key is developing a FELE test prep strategy that works for you.

Keep Studying

The more you study and immerse yourself in the FELE test prep materials, the more familiar you will be with both the test format and content you will need to know to pass all three FELE subtests.

Have Confidence in Yourself

Most importantly, have confidence in yourself.  Half the battle of passing any standardized test is having the confidence that you can and will succeed!

If you would like to learn more about our FELE resources and how we can help you prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam, give us a call.  We’re here to help you succeed!