Passing the FELE Written Performance Assessment

Florida Educational Leadership Exam

The Florida Educational Leadership Exam is comprised of three subtests. Subtest 3 includes the FELE written response / written performance assessment.  You must pass both the multiple-choice and FELE written response sections to pass Subtest 3.

The FELE written response is probably the one part of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam that intimidates candidates the most.  FELE Prep offers a FELE exam study guide that includes FELE practice questions for the multiple-choice section of Subtest 3 and another that offers guidance on the FELE written response.  We also offer a sample written performance assessment.

Below are some strategies to keep in mind when taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam written performance assessment:

  • Read the data carefully and make sure you have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of it. This is extremely important so be sure to read it several times if you need to.
  • Create a topic sentence using information from the question and then accurately and thoroughly explain the data.
  • Your FELE written response should be targeted toward the audience who will be reading your question. Review your response from the perspective of those who will be evaluating it.

Are you planning to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam in the near future?  If so, FELE Prep is here to help!  We offer a variety of resources designed to help you prepare including FELE exam study guide/prep modules for each subtest, FELE seminars (which includes FELE practice questions and a FELE practice test), FELE tutoring, FELE Flashcards and more.  Give us a call or click the links to get started.