Which FELE Resources Are Right for Me?

FELE Resources

The Florida FELE (Florida Educational Leadership Exam) is required for anyone seeking to become a school administrator in the state.  FELE Prep offers numerous FELE resources to help candidates prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  We are often asked which FELE resources a candidate should consider. The answer is different for each individual.  Let’s take a look at some factors that impact which Florida FELE resources are best suited for you:

Visual or Auditory Learner?

Your learning style can help you determine which Florida FELE resources to consider.  If you are a visual learner, our self-study guides may be most beneficial.  Our downloadable review guides include FELE essay examples, FELE practice questions and test taking strategies for each of the subtests.

If you are more of an auditory learner, you may want to complement these self-study guides with one of our FELE seminars. FELE flashcards are also a great resource for auditory learners because a friend or family member can use them to help quiz you on key terms and theorists.

Self, Group or One-On-One?

Our Florida FELE resources include options for self, group or one-on-one preparation.  If you find independent studying to be most beneficial, then our FELE self-study guides that include FELE essay examples and FELE practice questions may be all you need. 

If you work better in a group setting, you can complement the self-study guides with one of our FELE seminars, which is essentially a one-day intensive FELE prep course.  During this FELE prep course, we work on FELE practice questions and also cover the written performance section of the test, including going over FELE essay examples and discussing how to formulate a passing FELE written response.

If one-on-one preparation works best for you, then our FELE tutoring via Skype may be an option to consider.  FELE tutoring sessions are conducted by Dr. Lynette Fields and cover much of the same material as the FELE prep course, including going through the self-study guides and discussing how to prepare a passing FELE written response for the essay portion of the exam.

Whatever your learning style, FELE Prep has proven FELE resources to help you prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Give us a call to learn more.