We understand you have many choices when it comes to choosing study materials for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  At FELE Prep, our proven program has helped thousands of students pass the FELE test. Let’s take a look at what makes our program different from many.

Single Focus

At FELE Prep, our ONLY focus is on the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Many other FELE test prep providers offer resources for multiple exams.  We choose to give our full attention to helping students prepare for the FELE test.

Variety of Resources

We offer a wide variety of FELE test prep resources designed to help you every step of the way, including:

FELE exam study guide – We offer a FELE exam study guide for each subtest.  If you are taking the entire Florida Educational Leadership Exam, we suggest investing in all of the study guides. If you are only taking a portion of the exam, then you will just need the FELE exam study guide that corresponds to the subtest you are taking. Each FELE exam study guide includes FELE practice questions as well.

FELE writing examples – we offer a sample written performance assessment to help you prepare for the FELE written response.

FELE flashcards – FELE flashcards are a supplement to the FELE exam study guide materials.  They focus on key terms, theorists, and the multiple choice portion of subtests 1,2 and 3.

FELE seminars – FELE seminars are a great way to learn and reinforce the material found in the FELE exam study guide. Our FELE seminars are often offered on a Saturday and are limited to 8 – 10 students.

FELE tutoring

Our founder, Dr. Lynette Fields, provides one-on-one Skype tutoring for candidates who prefer this type of FELE test prep.

Our next article will take a look at more aspects that set FELE Prep apart from other FELE test prep programs.  If you are planning to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam in the future, we can help. Give us a call to learn more today!