FELE Exam Study Guide

(Part Two)

We are continuing our series on strategies to help you prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam. Our previous article covered the importance of understanding the components and objectives of the FELE test and identifying your strengths and weaknesses.  Let’s look at three more FELE test prep strategies to consider:

Review Your FELE Exam Study Guide Materials

Once you understand the components and objectives of the FELE test and identify your strengths and weaknesses, you should begin using your study materials. The primary resources to consider include the FELE exam study guide for each subtest (including FELE practice questions), the FELE written response and FELE flashcards.

Consider Additional Resources

FELE Prep offers additional resources designed to accommodate the needs of all students. 

  • If you prefer one-on-one study sessions, consider FELE tutoring via Skype.  During your FELE tutoring sessions, Dr. Lynette Fields will work through the FELE exam study guide materials with you.  You will also be provided with FELE practice questions and FELE writing examples to help you prepare for the FELE written response portion of the test.
  • FELE seminars are offered in a classroom setting and limited to 8-12 students.  During FELE seminars, Dr. Lynette Fields covers the FELE exam study guide and FELE written response.  You will also work several FELE practice questions and have the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the exam with both Dr. Fields and your peers.

Study, Study, Study!

Finally, you must continue to study, study, study!  Review your FELE exam study guide materials as many times as you need.  Work the FELE practice questions.  Review the FELE writing examples and practice the FELE written response.  Use the FELE flashcards to help you review the main points.

Remember, at FELE Prep, helping you pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam is our one and only priority.  Our founder, Dr. Lynette Fields, is a 30+ year veteran of the Florida public education system and knows what it takes to help you succeed!  Feel free to explore our website or give us a call to learn more today.