Putting Perfectionism in Its Place

We are continuing our series of articles designed to help you combat perfectionism as you embark on taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam. Today we will offer another strategy, but let’s recap some of the tips we’ve discussed in previous articles:

  • You don’t have to score 100% to pass
  • Have confidence in what you’ve studied
  • Remember past successes
  • Don’t give the Florida Educational Leadership Exam power over you

Tip #5:

Don’t “What If” Yourself

This is actually a strategy that can be applied to reduce anxiety in daily life in general. The “what if’s” will get you in trouble almost every time, so stop doing it! “What if” I fail; “What if” I forget all of my FELE test prep strategies, “What if” I wake up late and cannot take the test; “What if” I am sick the morning of the test; “What if” I freeze up and cannot remember anything; “What if”, “What if”, “What if”….. You can literally “What if” yourself to the point that you have so much anxiety that some of these things end up happening as a result! So, relax and don’t “What if” yourself. And, if you must “What if”, then concentrate on positives:

  • “What if” I wake up feeling energized and ready to tackle the FELE
  • “What if” the FELE exam study guide materials have prepared me and I am able to answer the questions?
  • “What if” the FELE written response is not as difficult as I had envisioned?
  • “What if” I pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam and can move forward in my career!

Our next article will offer one more tip to help you combat perfectionism.

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