How Do I Begin Preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam?

You either plan to or have registered for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE).  We all know it is a beast of an exam. So, now what? 

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and intimidated.  However, thousands of educators throughout the state of Florida have successfully conquered the Florida Educational Leadership Exam and gone on to enjoy rewarding careers.  Our next series of articles will discuss some FELE test prep strategies to help you get started on your journey for studying and preparing for the exam. Let’s get started:

Evaluate Your Competencies

The first step in FELE test prep is to thoroughly examine and evaluate your competencies in relation to how they are presented on the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  The State of Florida provides a resource to assist with this.

Understand What is Expected in Each Section

The next step in FELE test prep is to gain a full understanding of how the FELE is structured and what is expected. The FELE is comprised of three Subtests: Leadership for Student Understanding (multiple choice), Organization Development (multiple choice), and System Leadership (multiple choice and FELE written response). We have tailored our FELE exam study guide resources to address each Subtest so you can better focus on the area(s) where you need to spend the most time studying.

Our next article will cover more ways to begin preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

If you are planning to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam now or in the future, we invite you to explore our website and consider the various FELE test prep resources we offer. In addition to a FELE exam study guide for each subtest, you can download our FELE flashcards and a module to assist you with FELE writing tips and the FELE written response section.  If you would like more personal instruction, our FELE seminars and FELE tutoring are extremely helpful in preparing candidates.  Browse through our website or give us a call to learn more today!