Is the Florida Educational Leadership Exam in Your 2019 Plans?


If one of your New Year’s goals is to pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam – also known as the FELE – then you are not alone.  “How to pass the FELE exam” is a question on the minds of hundreds of educators who plan to take their careers to the next level in 2019.

The Florida Educational Leadership Exam has changed over the years, and today the FELE is considered one of the more challenging standardized tests in the state.  Fortunately, FELE Prep has developed customized Florida Educational Leader Exam study guide materials designed to help you not just accept the FELE challenge but conquer it!   Let’s take a closer look at some of the FELE study materials and resources we offer.

  1. Florida Educational Leadership Exam Study Guide
    Presented in six modules, our Florida Educational Leadership Exam study guide materials can be downloaded from our website and are designed to help you prepare for FELE Subtest 1, FELE Subtest 2 and FELE Subtest 3.  There is also a Sample Written Performance Assessment that includes FELE writing examples.  FELE Flashcards are available to supplement the modules.
  1. FELE Seminars
    This one-day intensive FELE workshop is conducted by FELE Prep founder, Dr. Lynette Fields.  Dr. Fields not only facilitates an overall FELE review, but provides instruction on complex concepts, conducts a FELE practice test and also provides FELE writing examples to help you with the essay portion of the exam.
  1. FELE Tutoring
    If one-on-one instruction is more your style, Dr. Fields is available for FELE tutoring.

Set yourself up for success!  Check out all of FELE Prep’s study guides, resources and materials if you plan to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam in 2019.