Let’s Look at Another FELE Test Prep Tip

FELE exam study guide, FELE practice test, FELE written response

We are continuing our series on FELE test prep tips. Preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam can be quite an undertaking.  At FELE Prep, our sole focus is helping you pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam. We have developed proven FELE study materials that have helped thousands of candidates achieve a passing score. Our founder, Lynette Fields, is a 30+ year veteran of Florida public education and has personally researched and written all of our FELE study materials, including the FELE exam study guide and FELE practice test for each subsection, FELE flashcards and our FELE written response / written performance assessment preparation materials.

Our previous article covered how to choose the most effective FELE test prep resources  for your study style. Our next FELE test prep tip discusses how to set a study schedule and stick to it. 

The first step in developing a consistent study schedule is to set a standard time and place for your FELE test prep. Perhaps the best time and place for your self-study work is each night at 9:00pm at home. Or, maybe you prefer to hit the library every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:30pm. Whatever it is, make sure the time and place is consistent. It is also a good practice to not spend any more than two hours at one time on any one FELE exam study guide module.

Next, develop a schedule and plan outside resources.  Perhaps you have someone who is able to study with you on a certain day of the week. This is an excellent time to quiz each other using FELE flashcards and also take a FELE practice test.

Finally, if you plan to utilize FELE seminars and/or FELE tutoring, be sure to schedule them as our seminars are limited to eight to ten candidates each and one-on-one FELE tutoring is held via Skype.

When it comes to FELE study materials, many candidates choose FELE Prep because we are based in Florida and not a subsidiary of a large standardized test preparation company.  We offer resources to accommodate every study style, including our FELE exam study guide, FELE practice test, FELE written response preparation, FELE flashcards, FELE seminars and one-on-one FELE tutoring via Skype.  Connect with FELE Prep today and let us help fuel your success!