Florida Educational Leadership Exam – Strategies for Success!

florida educational leadership exam

There are numerous test taking strategies to consider when preparing to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  FELE Prep is proud to offer resources such as a FELE exam study guide (including a FELE practice test) for each subtest, FELE tutoring, FELE flashcards and even a FELE review seminar to help you prepare for the exam.  In addition to these FELE test prep tools, here are some recommended strategies to consider:

  1. Carefully read the instructions in each section to ensure you understand how to mark your answers. Each FELE exam study guide we offer includes a FELE practice test so you can familiarize yourself with the FELE exam structure and protocol.
  2. Read the entire question and all of the possible responses before selecting your answer. Make sure you understand exactly what the question is asking. We encourage you to practice this strategy in our FELE review seminar.
  3. Pace yourself. Watch the time and make sure you are on track to complete the exam.  Our FELE exam study guide and FELE practice test can help you establish a healthy pace.
  4. Eliminate the answers you know are incorrect. This will narrow down your choices and make it easier to think through each question.
  5. Answer every question. Don’t leave any blanks.  Our FELE exam study guide, FELE practice test, FELE review seminar, FELE tutoring and FELE flashcards are designed to help give you the confidence you need to thoroughly complete the exam.

Whether you are taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam for the first time or re-taking any part of the exam, we’re here to help!  Be sure to check out our expert FELE test prep resources and latest FELE review seminar information.