Easing Test Anxiety

FELE exam study guide

Most everyone experiences test anxiety at some point in their lives.  Individuals taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam are no exception.  In fact, changes to the Florida Educational Leadership Exam have actually caused much test anxiety statewide.  FELE Prep understands this and has developed a list of strategies you can consider to help ease test anxiety.

Be prepared

One of the most effective strategies to combat test anxiety is to be prepared.  We have developed numerous FELE test prep book and FELE exam study guide materials to help you.  FELE flashcards have become an especially popular study tool.  We also offer a FELE study guide for each of the three subtests.  And, every FELE study guide includes a FELE practice test. If direct instruction is more to your liking, our FELE seminars and FELE tutoring may be right up your alley. Bottom line, feeling like you are well prepared is a big confidence booster and anxiety buster!

Eat balanced meals

Fueling your body with balanced meals, including lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, gives you energy and helps keep you focused.  Avoid eating too much starch, sugar or fatty foods at least one week prior to the exam.

Get quality sleep

Quality sleep is important as it not only makes you feel fresh and energized, but it can also help combat bad thoughts that lead to anxiety.  Try to get a full eight hours sleep the night before you are scheduled to take the FELE.

Pamper yourself!

It’s difficult to be anxious when you feel good!  Consider getting a massage, manicure and/or facial.  And, give yourself some time off from FELE test prep to do something you enjoy.  Pampering yourself can give you a fresh new perspective and help ease test anxiety.

The goal of FELE Prep is to provide the highest quality resources to help students pass the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Explore our website, or, give us a call to find out how our FELE test prep book and FELE exam study guide materials, FELE flashcards, FELE seminars and FELE tutoring can help.