Don’t Let Perfectionism Affect Your Performance

Perfectionism can promote anxiety, especially when it comes to taking standardized tests such as the Florida Educational Leadership Exam. If you are a perfectionist, this series of articles discusses some ways to not let your perfectionism adversely affect your performance. Our previous article covered the importance of allowing yourself to miss a few questions and realizing that you don’t have to earn a perfect score to pass. Today, we will look at another tip to help combat perfectionism.

Tip #2:

Have Confidence in What You’ve Studied

It’s important to go into the Florida Educational Leadership Exam with the mindset that you are prepared and will pass the test. This is especially true if you have worked through our FELE exam study guide on your own or through our FELE seminars and/or FELE tutoring. If you have to, visualize yourself earning a passing score. And remember, this exam does not define who you are. Perfectionists often identify themselves with their successes. You are already a success, which is why you are embarking on this journey of educational leadership!

Our next article will cover another tip to help you combat perfectionism when taking the

Florida Educational Leadership Exam.

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