Benefits of Taking the FELE Practice Test

fele practice test

The FELE practice test is an important part of preparing for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam. The FELE exam study guide we provide for each subtest includes a FELE practice test.  We also take a FELE practice test during our FELE seminars. We even have dedicated resources to help you practice your FELE written response.  Let’s take a look at some benefits of taking the FELE practice test:

Familiarizes You with the Format

Knowing the format of the test and understanding how the questions will be presented can give you a significant advantage.  FELE practice questions are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding the structure of the test itself.   

Helps You Understand the Expectations

FELE practice questions can help you better understand what will be expected of you on the day of the test.  Practicing the FELE written response is also beneficial in helping you articulate your thoughts for this portion of the exam.

Eases Test Anxiety

One of the biggest hurdles candidates often face is test anxiety.  Taking a FELE practice test and also practicing the FELE written response can give you more confidence as you work your way through the actual exam.

FELE Prep is a preferred Florida Educational Leadership Exam preparation resource.  While there are other providers to choose from, FELE Prep focuses solely on helping students pass the FELE. Our founder, Dr. Lynette Fields, has spent more than three decades in the public education sector.  Her vast experience gives her keen insight on how to help candidates best prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  All FELE exam study guide products featured on the website were developed by Dr. Fields.  She also personally conducts our FELE seminars as well as FELE tutoring sessions via Skype. Whether this is your first time taking the Florida Educational Leadership Exam or you are re-taking a subtest, FELE Prep is here to help!  Give us a call to learn more.