A Closer Look at the FELE Written Performance Assessment


The written performance assessment of the Florida Educational Leadership Exam is part of Subtest 3.  The FELE written response is designed to measure your ability to interpret and analyze data.  It is also used to evaluate written communication skills. It is comprised of one question which you will have one hour to formulate your answer. The FELE written response is graded based on accuracy and organization of content, analysis of data trends, grammar and ability to write at an appropriate audience level.

FELE Prep has numerous resources to help you prepare for the FELE written response.  Let’s take a closer look:

FELE Seminars

Our new virtual FELE seminars feature subtest specific material designed to help candidates prepare for the Florida Educational Leadership Exam.  Be sure to book a seminar for Subtest 3 if you wish to receive preparation assistance for the FELE written response.  During this session, we provide FELE writing examples, FELE writing tips and FELE practice questions to help you prepare.

FELE Tutoring

Our founder, Dr. Lynette Fields, is available for personal FELE tutoring sessions via Skype.  She is happy to work with you on your FELE test prep, including the FELE written response.  During your session, she will go over FELE writing examples and discuss in-depth FELE writing tips.

FELE Exam Study Guide Materials

One of our most popular FELE exam study guide materials is the Sample Written Performance Assessment.  This PDF download includes FELE writing examples and FELE writing tips to help you prepare for the FELE written response.

If you plan to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam, we can help.  Our sole focus is helping candidates pass the FELE.  Are you ready to position yourself for success? If so, give us a call to learn more today!